Any company’s technology organization should support its business strategy, not restrain it. Gevicom focuses first on the strategic needs of our clients’ businesses to determine the technology capabilities needed to support both their short-term and long-term goals. We help companies assertively address technology-related decisions and ensure their IT organizations and operating models are agile and effective, equipping them to cut through the noise of passing technology trends to create persistent results.

The Gevicom IT   services enable clients to optimize their IT environments by driving efficiency, flexibility and productivity, while reducing costs. These services incorporate best practices and proven methodologies developed over years of field experience that ensure predictive quality of delivery, security and compliance.

We bring a range of technology capabilities that help our clients address four key business situations:

IT Strategy: Technology helps companies transform themselves and grow their business. Gevicom assists clients that are embarking on major growth or change that is heavily technology-dependent to identify the optimal future state of IT, aligned with business needs, and then jointly develop an implementation blueprint.

IT Performance Improvement: Underperforming IT negatively affects business performance. Bain works with companies seeking to address their IT efficiency problems to not only reduce costs, but to improve and develop capabilities that enable innovation and agility.

IT Merger and Acquistions: Technology-related synergies are key to successful mergers, acquisitions, divestitures and separations, but too often they are overlooked early in the deal. We help companies plan and manage the changes in their systems to accommodate changes in business structure.

IT Project Effectiveness: Gevicom helps clients maximize the business results from major technology initiatives, including turnaround programs. We help executives evaluate the case for investment, set up projects for success—or place current projects on the right track—to ensure they capture value when implementing new systems and programs.

Rebooting IT: Many companies face a mismatch when it comes to the ability of their IT to fulfill increasing customer expectations. Our experts help companies transform legacy IT to win in a digital environment using proprietary benchmarks, diagnostics and a detailed and tested approach that helps to transform the existing IT operating model.

At Gevicom, we understand the significance of technology as a fundamental and potentially distinguishing constituent of a business. We help clients transform their organizations; enabling all-inclusive digital strategies to match up with consumer demands, exploiting value in turnaround situations and eventually, developing technology operating models that make organizations more responsive.

Our technology projects begin with business strategy. We believe that a company’s corporate strategy both guides and is influenced by its technological capabilities. Our industry experts take a unique approach to schedules by working with business leaders to initially understand corporate goals and then determine what technological capabilities, systems and support they require to succeed.

Business Automation commonly referred to as Business Process Automation (BPA), is the strategy a business uses to automate processes in order to contain costs. It consists of integrating applications, restructuring labor resources and using software applications throughout the organization.

We at Gevicom believe that putting a business process in automation will not only lessen the hassle of doing the tasks by your employees but also improve accuracy and customer satisfaction whether it is a minimal to zero human interaction, we can tailor a solution with a combination of all hardware, software, strategy and regulations to ensure that you and your customers get the best of your business.

More On Business Automation

Prior only the elite organizations had an exclusive software to handle their accounting and financial data. They had the advantage of accessing this data for various analytic reports to provide the management with a better view of the organization’s position in terms of various activities performed. Large organizations with digital data and ERP could get reports on the ratio of sales to finance, or demand and supply, outstanding orders and the percentage of orders that turned into sales etc.

 With Gevicom venture into SMEs Automation Now the SMEs can afford digital data for accounting, finance and HRM along with POS where it is relevant. The advantages of digital data and analytics that were till recently available only to large businesses are now available to the SMEs also.

Gevicom SMEs Automation goal is to significantly reduce costs for SME businesses is to automate internal processes. This includes automated workflow, alerts and the like. Core areas being:

Automating tedious processes, such as weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly recurring sales and purchase invoices and general ledger accounting entries. Or automating complex payroll processing with penalties for overtime, early shift starts, meal breaks, and various allowances.
Implementing Workflow which controls the process of completing data entry screens and documents. Workflow ensures that tasks get done in the right order and within a set time.
Management can improve their productivity by adopting Exception Reporting or better still by being Alerted when things go wrong, such as running out of stock, a blow out of your debtors or even if an important order is not processed within their expectations.