Oil & Gas Brokerage

Gevicom provides offshore and onshore brokerage, agency and integrated services to industry in relation to oil and gas undertakings in Africa. We organize tactical alliances in connection with oil and gas offshore and onshore activities. Our services purposes to provide one-stop solutions to tauten the timeline, reduce risk and maximize cost effectiveness for oil and gas operators and their activities

Onshore & Offshore Logistics

Gevicom provides complete cohesive chain solutions to onshore and offshore production support services, offshore logistic support including onshore supply base, container hire, project management for offshore work and charter of marine vessels.

Gevicom is capable to service skillfully the oil and gas industries onshore and offshore logistics support activities. As a result of ongoing investment in our people, plant and equipment and property, we are well positioned to offer our clients a total package tailored to their business needs.

Through our strong network of partners and agents we guarantee well-timed supplies, excellent technical support and efficient service to customers. Gevicom offers various packing options as per the customer’s requisite in order to enable you to manage your inventory effectively.

Equipment Procurement & Supply

Gevicom enhances the productivity of your entire supply chain. From sourcing and manufacturing through delivery and return, we apply precision technologies and extensive experience to formulate logistics solutions specifically targeted to meet your challenges.

One of the significant apparatuses for developing solid logistics operations is dialog. We evaluate the requirements of your business in two ways. We act as an impartial observer, and we uphold an ongoing dialogue with you to ensure we have the comprehensive picture. The outcome is better-quality systems that are faultlessly matched to your business requirements.

Gevicom has a variety of industry-specific expertise. Our team is able to build supply chain solutions custom-made to your operations, production and market demands—no matter what your industry.

We generate synergies across your supply chains. Organize and combine supply chains to address logistics costs. Apply verified process-refinement methodologies by connecting the latest technologies with the help of our logistics experts.

Products Marketing, Retail and Distribution

Gevicom distributes high-quality petroleum products that improve the lives of our customers and help fuel the nation’s economy. Specializing in storage, marketing and distribution, our experience also encompasses to importation of refined petroleum products.

We’re a diversified distributor of petroleum products in Africa. We offer commercial, retail, wholesale and residential petroleum products to customers spread across the world.

Through our marketing division, we supply petroleum products to consumer end-users within our market area. We lately ventured into the lubricant business, blending and marketing motor engine oils and specialties. The distribution department manages the competitive bidding process to efficiently obtain products from different source for delivery to our numerous customers