At Gevicom we are experienced Brokers specializing in the Retail Gas/Petroleum and Renewable Eco-energy market. We offer an economical service that saves you time and money, while giving you full access to our extensive knowledge of the current ( and past ) Energy Market and Sources.

Every tender individually tailored to suit the client and their industry, there is no “one size fits all” model. Effectively managing a large customer base across diverse industry types with most of our customers picking to use our services continuously.

Gevicom provides offshore and onshore brokerage, agency and integrated services to industry in relation to oil and gas undertakings in Africa. We organize tactical alliances in connection with oil and gas offshore and onshore activities. Our services purposes to provide one-stop solutions to tauten the timeline, reduce risk and maximize cost effectiveness for oil and gas operators and their activities. … More

We at Gevicom as Energy brokers, also known as energy consultants in the energy industry, act as arbitrators between energy producers and energy consumers. As Energy brokers we work with clients on a contractual basis in order to lower the bottom-line cost of energy between consumers and producers.… More

Why choose Gevicom
100% customer focused
Competitive Broker rates
Large Range of Cost Checking Services
Greenhouse Gas (Carbon) emissions analysis
Closed Tender Process