Defense / Protection / Arms

Gevicom is a premier brokerage professional firm of security quasi-military necessities and equipments:- complete tactical uniforms, protective gear, operational field kit, holsters and slings, , outdoor equipment, outdoor clothing, military apparel, and Army Surplus, footwear, and by extension Arsenal/Armory artillery.

Core Business Areas
Protective gear: Includes but not limited to bullet proof vests, helmets, assault vests, batons, restraints and riot gear.
Tactical Attire: Includes but not limited to BDUs, ACUs, Boots, Headwear, Eyewear and Gloves.
Arms, Accessories  & Ammo : Licensed firearms brokerage contractor for brands of long guns, handguns and ammunition. We strive to be your friendly, full-service,  gunshop on the internet.